Mission Statement
Educate and empower parents and individuals
to make informed health decisions.
Educate and assist policy makers in reforming
health policy, rules, and law.

Kristen Chevrier, Director
[email protected]
Kristen Chevrier wrote her thesis and received her Master’s degree in English, from Brigham Young University, while expecting her third child.  She has taught writing, literature, history, and theater, professionally, while also homeschooling her five children. She has chronicled her homeschooling experience on her blog, homeschoolwise.com

Kristen has been a family and parental rights activist for over 20 years, and has served in Utah Republican leadership for more than 10 of those years–both of those because she is passionate about educating and empowering the electorate.

Four years ago, Kristen began her ongoing research into vaccines, the immune system, and vaccine policy. What she’s learned has lit her soul on fire. She is now deeply involved in vaccine injury, immunity awareness, and health freedom advocacy. Kristen advocates in Washington D.C., in the Utah State Legislature, and works with vaccine freedom advocacy groups across the nation. She is Founder and Director of Vaccine Freedom Utah and co-founder of Your Health Freedom. Both groups can be found on Facebook at websites: vaccinefreedomutah.com and yourhealthfreedom.org

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