Deciphering Vaccine Safety Data

Careful research is time consuming, but so is vaccine injury. Far better to learn the risks up front than to find out after. You can vaccinate anytime, but you can never unvaccinate.

If you are looking at safety data in vaccine package inserts, please keep in mind that vaccines are tested against other vaccines or neurotoxic adjuvants. They are not tested against saline or other inert, harmless substances. Please don’t take safety data in the package insert at face value. It is misleading.

In order to find out what a vaccine was tested against, you probably have to go deeper than the package insert.

You need to go to the original trials, for example, for RotaTeq:

There you will see that the placebo for this trial was all ingredients except the vaccine virus. This skews safety data because we only know how the whole vaccine compares with a sampling of its neurotoxic ingredients–not how it stacks up against a harmless substance, like saline. Yet you’re told that it is safer than the placebo.

References to the source material are often not provided in the package inserts. So, go to Google Scholar and put in, for example, Rotarix safety and efficacy.

The trials will come up. Then go to the papers themselves for the details of the trials.

The risk is yours alone. Nobody will pick up the pieces for you, once the damage is done.

More reading on vaccine safety:

Kristen Chevrier