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What you need to know about vaccines and health freedom.


In 2013 Colton Berrett, a 13 year old Utah boy, suffered paralyzing transverse myelitis two weeks after receiving a third dose of Merck’s Gardasil vaccine. Colton became the first male face of Gardasil injury after appearing in an interview in August of 2016 with the creators of the documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” which exposed fraudulent reporting by the Centers for Disease Control on the safety of the MMR vaccine.

Colton’s doctor, who administered the Gardasil series, initially claimed it would protect the teen’s future wife from cancer. However, once Colton became permanently paralyzed by severe spinal cord swelling, his doctor immediately ceased providing this vaccine to male patients in his practice.

As with many teens injured by Gardasil, Colton was extraordinarily athletic prior to receiving the vaccine, excelling in baseball, Motocross, skiing and many other sports. Three years of therapy gave him back the use of his core and legs, but left his arms, neck and lungs permanently disabled. On video, Colton appeared optimistic about adjusting to his new life, one which required a neck brace, arm sling, and permanent attachment to a respirator. Colton met with former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz in September, 2016, to speak about his injuries.

Last Friday, Colton passed away.

Colton’s death comes on the heels of a December, 2017, Slate investigative article that exposed faulty side-effect reporting in the Gardasil safety trials. Slate alleges that rather than reporting all new developments, trial investigators were authorized to withhold information regarding Gardasil side effects from regulators. Instead of sharing the information, trial investigators reported it on a form entitled “New Health History,” which was not submitted to licensing authorities.

Colton’s family is now grieving his loss a second time.

At a candlelight vigil for Colton on Friday January 12th, we listened to three additional Utah parents who have lost children to vaccine injury. A missionary flu vaccine put Lori Webb’s son, Chandler, in a coma, from which he never recovered. A H1N1 Flu mist killed Sandy Kanervisto’s 19 yo son. A 12 month vaccine cocktail, followed by a flu shot, killed Krystle Kordingley’s toddler. These are just a small sampling of the vaccine injuries among Utah children. My doctor has noted that the incidence of many chronic illnesses, formerly rare in children, has been spiraling upward. The infant mortality rate in the United States in 2014 was 6.1 per 1000 live births—double the infant mortality rate of the Czech Republic and far higher than most first world countries. (We give Hepatitis B vaccine to our newborns).

LDS missionaries are returning home in record numbers with myriad chronic disorders, some ending their lives with suicide. Several returned missionaries have told me that their health and/or psychological problems followed closely on the heels of vaccines, prior to or during their missions.

Accounts of injury and death are increasing along with the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule, which has increased from 24 doses in 1983 to 72 doses in 2017. Utah’s Autism Spectrum Disorders are among the highest in the nation. The national rate reported for 2017 is 1/36, compared with one in 10,000 in 1975.

There is ample evidence that vaccines, rather than boosting the immune system, actually dismantle it; that childhood and other illnesses are beneficial to the immune system, and that with proper nutrition and sanitation, they can be navigated successfully, and begin to provide true herd immunity; and that fully unvaccinated children are far less prone to chronic illness than those who have had any vaccines.

Yesterday was Colton’s funeral. His passing is a wake-up call for every leader, ecclesiastical and civic, to proactively open a public dialog about vaccine safety. It is a call to review pressure or mandates to vaccinate for church, hospital, and school employees and for missionaries and college students. We must have accurate information on which to base our health decisions. We must learn why our children are suffering and dying. Educate yourselves on what we now know about vaccines and the immune system. Get involved in this discussion. Be part of the solution.

There is life beyond vaccines.

Deciphering Vaccine Safety Data

Careful research is time consuming, but so is vaccine injury. Far better to learn the risks up front than to find out after. You can vaccinate anytime, but you can never unvaccinate.

If you are looking at safety data in vaccine package inserts, please keep in mind that vaccines are tested against other vaccines or neurotoxic adjuvants. They are not tested against saline or other inert, harmless substances. Please don’t take safety data in the package insert at face value. It is misleading.

In order to find out what a vaccine was tested against, you probably have to go deeper than the package insert.

You need to go to the original trials, for example, for RotaTeq:

There you will see that the placebo for this trial was all ingredients except the vaccine virus. This skews safety data because we only know how the whole vaccine compares with a sampling of its neurotoxic ingredients–not how it stacks up against a harmless substance, like saline. Yet you’re told that it is safer than the placebo.

References to the source material are often not provided in the package inserts. So, go to Google Scholar and put in, for example, Rotarix safety and efficacy.

The trials will come up. Then go to the papers themselves for the details of the trials.

The risk is yours alone. Nobody will pick up the pieces for you, once the damage is done.

More reading on vaccine safety:

Kristen Chevrier

Vaccines 101

You cannot sue vaccine manufacturers, doctors, or nurses who administer vaccines. You can sue for injury from other drugs, but not for injury from vaccines.

Vaccines are not tested against actual placebos. They are not held to the same testing standards as regular drugs.

It is irresponsible to administer vaccines to someone whose gut flora is compromised. (Use of antibiotics by the patient, or by the mother while the mother is pregnant or nursing, constitutes compromise.)

It is irresponsible to administer vaccines to a person who is ill.

It is irresponsible to recommend the use of Tylenol in close proximity to a vaccination.

It is irresponsible to administer vaccines to people with genetic mutations that predispose them to vaccine injury.

It is irresponsible to administer vaccines to child, or a sibling of a child, with developmental delays and/or chronic gastrointestinal distress.

It is irresponsible to administer vaccines to someone who is in kidney distress– or other distress.

It is irresponsible to give vaccines to patients with egg allergies or eczema.

Informed consent cannot exist where information is manipulated or is incomplete. A pretty brochure about the benefits and two or three “rare” complications is not complete information.

Kristen Chevrier

Utah School and Daycare Vaccines: What Parents Need to Know

Utah parents, please be aware that you can choose to use all vaccines, some vaccines, no vaccines, or delay vaccines, and still have your children attend school.

Learn about exemptions here. Note that some vaccines, like HPV/Gardasil, are not among those you need to either receive, or be exempted from, in order to attend school.

Find the list of required vaccines here. Before you vaccinate, know what is in the vaccines. Find vaccine ingredients here. Read the package inserts here.  (Note that “placebos” for vaccine safety studies are other vaccines or neurotoxic adjuvants–not saline or other harmless substances, so safety data is skewed.)

The risk is all yours. No doctor, nurse, or pharmacist is going to come to your aid after your child is injured. Keeping your child safe is your responsibility and your right.

Where there is risk, there must be choice.

Kristen Chevrier

HPV: Some Utah Teachers Encourage Students to Pressure Parents

Last year some Utah schools sent out letters to parents stating that vaccines were required in order for students to attend–with no mention of exemptions. Several parents called them on it and the letters were revised.

This year teachers are telling children to go home and ask their parents to get them the highly controversial, unnecessary, and very dangerous HPV shot.

Thank you, a friend of mine, for writing this response:

I hear you recommended to your kids to go home and tell their parents to take them to get the HPV vaccine?

Do you think the law protects you from giving medical advice (like a Doctor) to minors without parents present? Are you qualified to give medical advice?

This vaccine is perhaps the most dangerous vaccine on the market. Many perfectly healthy kids are becoming very sick and disabled, and even sometimes die from this vaccine. Here’s a 13 year old Utah boy that was injured by the vaccine –

The median age for cervical cancer is 49 years old. The vaccine only lasts for 5 years at most, so giving this vaccine to teenagers doesn’t accomplish anything.

More info on HPV and the vaccine you may not know:
1- 90% of people with HPV will clear it naturally with no symptoms of any kind within two years.
2- Of the remaining 10%, only half (5%) will have cellular changes that could lead to cancer.
3- HPV vaccines only cover 2-4 of the 30-40 strains of HPV and they have not been proven to be effective.
4- The vaccine only lasts for 5 years.
5- HPV is easily screened by pap smears and is usually easily treatable when detected early.
6- Dr. Diane Harper (lead researcher for Gardasil vaccination) reported that, “the serious adverse reports of health damage following the Gardasil vaccine outweigh any protection, lasting only five years, against the very small risk of cervical cancer.”
7- Dr. Scott S. Fields of the American College of Pediatricians issued a warning in a January 2016 report that the Gardasil vaccination could be associated with a rare but serious condition known as premature menopause, or premature ovarian failure.
8- Spain, France, India and Japan have stopped using HPV vaccines and have filed criminal lawsuits against Merck in regards to the Gardasil vaccine.
9- Studies have shown that people who received HPV vaccine actually have a higher risk of getting one of the more dangerous HPV strains.

Here are the stories of over 200 injured kids

Many, many, links/resources to under this article…/lawsuits-against-hpv…/

If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to ask. In the meantime, I would take the time to educate yourself on this vaccine, and I definitely would not be dispensing any more medical advice to your students if I were you.

VaxXed Stories: Colton in Utah
Colton and his mother Kathleen share his story of vaccine injury following the Gardisil…
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