Utah School and Daycare Vaccines: What Parents Need to Know

Utah parents, please be aware that you can choose to use all vaccines, some vaccines, no vaccines, or delay vaccines, and still have your children attend school.

Learn about exemptions here. Note that some vaccines, like HPV/Gardasil, are not among those you need to either receive, or be exempted from, in order to attend school.

Find the list of required vaccines here. Before you vaccinate, know what is in the vaccines. Find vaccine ingredients here. Read the package inserts here.  (Note that “placebos” for vaccine safety studies are other vaccines or neurotoxic adjuvants–not saline or other harmless substances, so safety data is skewed.)

The risk is all yours. No doctor, nurse, or pharmacist is going to come to your aid after your child is injured. Keeping your child safe is your responsibility and your right.

Where there is risk, there must be choice.

Kristen Chevrier