Confronting Paul Offit

On November 21, 2016, at New York University Langone Medical Center, Dr. Paul Offit, California State Senator Richard Pan, and Law Professor Dorit Reiss spoke at a symposium on “Confronting Vaccine Resistance” –teaching new doctors how to dismiss parental concerns about vaccines, in order to get more kids vaccinated.

The VaxXed team, miraculously, got a filming permit to park in front of the building for the entire day of the symposium.


A couple of hours prior to the meeting, VaxXed camera man, Joshua Coleman, father of a vaccine injured child, approached Dr. Paul Offit to request an interview. Mr. Coleman was very polite, yet apparently threw Offit so far off his game that he was unable to control his mouth or his manners–and felt compelled to lie about the situation afterward.

Offit’s description of what happened.


What actually happened. (Language warning.)
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Long version:


Paul Offit has made more than $17 million from vaccine sales. He is the creator of the first Rotavirus vaccine, which was pulled from the market for safety reasons. He claims that infants should be able to receive 10,000 vaccines at one time, with no adverse reactions. He was at Langone to participate in a symposium on “Confronting Vaccine Resistance,” but could not disguise his contempt for or spare time to discuss his thoughts with actual “vaccine resistors.”

Dr. Paul Offit, one of the most vociferous defenders of vaccine safety, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, and a Professor of Pediatrics, has a long-standing reputation for being ill-tempered, foul mouthed, and untruthful. On November 21st, he demonstrated all three, for the world to see.

Summary of Symposium by Dr. Suzanne Humphries: 

Joshua Coleman crossing the street in front of Langone Medical Center in New York City.


Joshua Coleman with son, Otto, who was diagnosed with vaccine induced transverse myelitis at 17 months.



Kristen Chevrier
(Photos and video by Joshua Coleman, Polly Tommey, and Lisa Langebek)


Additional Information

Dr. Paul Offit

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VaxXed video footage from Langone Medical Center:

California Senator Richard Pan, was the sponsor of last year’s California’s SB277, which removed all but a tenuous medical exemption from school children in California; is a top recipient of pharmaceutical money in California.

(Note: This article was written prior to passage of SB277. More money was given to Senator Pan after the passage of SB277, and he was the recipient of PAC money that is not included in the totals listed in the article.)

Joshua Coleman on SB277

Dorit Reiss, is a Professor of Law at UC Hastings, San Francisco; outspoken proponent of the CDC vaccine schedule.