The Effective Citizen Lobbyist

Tips for Citizen Lobbyists
Be polite.
  • Don’t knock someone over the head and then expect them to want to help you.
Know your legislators.
  • How do they vote on key issues? If you disagree, ask them to explain their votes.
  • Whether you agree with them on most things or not, it helps to develop an understanding of and relationship with your legislators
Know the facts.
  • Read the bill yourself or divide it with like-minded friends and share your findings. Don’t comment on a bill you haven’t read. It can be embarrassing.
  • Learn the arguments on both sides.
  • Argue with facts.
  • Avoid emotional, non-factual arguments.

Keep communications polite, short, and to the point.

  • Emails
    • Include request in subject line: “Please vote NO on ….”
    • Thank your legislator for serving
    • List your reasons for requesting a NO or YES vote
    • Close respectfully
    • Include contact information
  • Never send a form letter or email
  • Handwritten letters are well-received when there is time for mailing
  • The same principles apply to phone calls and texts
Know when to call and when to stop.
  • There are times for full boar activism and times to stand down. Be aware.
  • Work with the group for maximum effectiveness.
Contact Information

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